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Kartuli Vazi Great Collection

Kartuli Vazi Great Collection: “Maturing need time”


Kartuli Vazi Great Collection  is the best Georgian wines which were selected during 2000-2005 years and saved in perfect conditions. Deepness and power of these wines will be fully appreciated by true fanciers and experts of Georgian wines and will give bright unforgettable feelings. 



  • The famous critic Hugh Johnson gave the highest marks to Kartuli Vazi wines in four the most important parameters of elite wines’ classification. These four parameters were used as a basis for collection wines.
  • In producing Kartuli Vazi Great Collection wines were used the best grapes of harvest 2004-2005 year, which took multistage sampling by company experts. 


  • In producing Kartuli Vazi Great Collection wines was used technology of carbon maceration. It helps to open the full grape’s taste and aroma.
  • Producing technology includes infusion on the seeds and skins and after that oak-wood cask-ageing during 9 month.
  • Used the technology of the individual selection right fermentation for every kind of grape.