IV Blacksea Winemaking Forum

The IV Blacksea Winemaking Forum take place in Moscow from 30 of June till 1 of July 2017 year in club hotel “Corston”.  The event is held under the high patronage of the International Organization of Viticulture and Wine-making, with the information support of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, with the support of the Union of Vine Growers and Winemakers of Russia.
Traditionally, GC "Dionis Group" is the official sponsor of this event, wholly supporting the initiatives on joint meetings of market professionals, experience’s exchange, and development of joint plans for regulating the administrative and legal bases of activities.
The Forum is held:
-          The exhibition of products of manufacturing companies, producing wine products (wine, cognacs, spirits based on grape raw materials) and companies of related sectors (suppliers of materials, equipment and technological solutions, representatives of glass production and printing services);
-          devoted to forecasts and analysis of the main market trends in the wine sector of the region conference; topic of the conference in 2017: "With a view of the Black Sea: investments, logistics and retail in the wine industry of the region ";
-          master classes and presentations of participating in the Forum companies;
during the Forum there will be an international competition and a rating of wine production "Wines of the Black Sea", which has become popular among winemakers of the countries of the region. Producers of quiet and sparkling wines, cognacs and other strong spirits on the basis of grape raw materials compete for awards and high ratings.