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Kartuli Vazi Limited Edition

“Elite authentic georgian wine”

Each case, each business and product has the special reference, sample with which other products should be compered (time standard, standard meter). Speak about Georgian wines the standard of Georgian wines is the “Kartuli Vazi” wines.


  • The famous critic Hugh Johnson gave the highest marks to "Kartuli Vazi" wines in four the most important parameters of elite wines’ classification.
  • There is the best quality wine material using during the producing process of “Kartiuli Vazi” wines. Grapes is selected from micro zones and cautiously transported in refrigerators.
  • “Kartuli Vazi” wines are the absolute sales leaders of Georgian wines in Ukraine (more then 23% sales of Georgian wines).



  • Stylish tall bottle sets among the others ordinary bottles and help to create well remembering image for buyer. Bright logo in the middle of the label (Slavic God of fertility) makes strong association with quality and value treasur
  • Tactile, nature paper gives sensation of elite and nature product.
  • Some historic sightseen of Georgia (Castles, Churches, etc.) on the bottle are the temptation.


  • The grapes for “Kartuli Vazi” wines are picking by hand in traditional Georgian baskets named “godori”. Transportation to the pre-processing plant in the refrigerators with the most appropriate saving temperature is in one day after picking.
  • Saving clearness taste of the sorted grapes are getting by using individual fermentation programs for each sort.
  • There are macerators are using in technology process, they help to open original grapes’ bouquet and leave bright and fresh taste and aroma in wine.