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Aurvin Estate

AURVIN ESTATE: «Don’t be afraid your dreams come true!»

Everyone has dreams, but not the most of times we have lack of courage to make them reality.   Wines from the series «AURVIN ESTATE» help people to get more of courage to make first steps for realizing their dreams.


  • Drinking wines from the «AURVIN ESTATE» series motivate people to make steps to realizing their dreams, to be active in life.
  • High quality «AURVIN ESTATE» wines were made by the good experienced and professionalism winemakers from Moldova.


  • Original picture on the label of «AURVIN ESTATE» like the flying stork forming dynamic on the label and symbolize desire to be better, make the product more notable on the shelf.


  • Using a cold bottling during the technology process circle make possible to get microbiological stability and save the unique taste of nature semisweet wines of «AURVIN ESTATE».
  • There modern presses are using during producing process, it allows to make delicate pressing of grapes without destruction of seeds and make possible to make the highest quality wines.