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Dionis Collection

"DIONIS COLLECTION": the choice of experts

"DIONIS COLLECTION" wines are producing for wine-lovers, who know wine world, for people, who are looking for something new and for people, who can appreciate the winemakers’ skills and fantasy.


  • "DIONIS COLLECTION" wines give possibility to try the best wines chosen by experts without high price 
  • High quality "DIONIS COLLECTION" wines are combine high level of alcohol and sterile bottling, such method helps to save nature aromatic clearness and taste elegance  


  • Harmonic and balanced design of "DIONIS COLLECTION" positively interprets by all categories of buyers and suits for any kind of feasts and holidays.


  • "DIONIS COLLECTION" wines are produced by using pulp cryo-maceration technology and long-lasting regulated low temperature fermentation
  • For "DIONIS COLLECTION" red wines applies supplemental malolactic fermentation.