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Aurvin Reserve

AURVIN RESERVE: «Extracting needs time!»

Wines «AURVIN RESERVE» took the best from Moldavian winemaking: modern winemaking technologies, generous of Moldavian nature and experience and art of Moldavian winemakers. And the most important thing – during extracting wine was filled with taste, and opened all specialties of selected composition, realize its potential.


  • High quality «AURVIN RESERVE» wines were created from the selected grapes and during extracting opened all specialties of selected composition.


  • Heavy bottle of wines from «AURVIN RESERVE» series is good notable on the shelf, and catch an eye of buyers. 
  • European, light and stylish designs of «AURVIN RESERVE» create the good feeling in any situation and any group of people.


  • Wines «AURVIN RESERVE» are manufactured using the cryo-mackerel method, with long-term controlled fermentation at low temperatures.
  • For red wines of series «AURVIN RESERVE» we use of malolactic fermentation. 
  • Extracting is in limousine oak barrels.