Georgian wine in the list of OIV

International organisation of vine and wine (OIV) has supported Georgia's application on making wines made the traditional Georgian way in the OIV list.

We are talking about wine make by fermentation of grape juice on pulp ("Chach"). In Georgia it is called "Carwhisperer gvino" which means the wine is of an amber color.

As stated by the Chairman of National wine Agency Giorgi Samanishvili, the request of the Georgian side received a positive evaluation from the management of the OIV.

According to Samanishvili, today in a special list OIV is composed of seven types of wines: sparkling, sparkling, fortified wines, liqueur wines, naturally sweet, "eiswein", sherry. After completion of the procedure "Kallisperi gvino" will be included in the special list of OIV under the eighth room.